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How Wholesale Works

Wholesale means buying products in bulk and warehousing them for retail use later. Bulk purchasing is a cheaper alternative to retail buying and saves both cost and time for businesses. It is not only cheaper but also provides you with the leverage of a bigger stock of products. 

Why buy from us?

Key benefits of buying Fiashe wholesale 

Fiashe offers its valued customers a chance to enjoy discounted prices and quick delivery with our Wholesale Procurement Plans. 

Money Saving Option

Wholesale refers to ordering large quantities in one go, which means you pay for shipping, handling and distribution cost for several individual items, once. This cuts down our cost and we are able to offer you discounts and at a lesser price ballooning up your profit margin significantly. 

Smoother Stock Maintenance

Having more items in your inventory gives you the leverage of pushing the sales with a more aggressive marketing strategy while minimizing the risk of not being able to meet customer demands. You will always have ample stock, ready to be delivered without spending an extra dime. 

More Expansion Opportunities

Having a larger inventory at your disposal also brings up more sales options, diverse supply  chains and multiple retail outlets. A bigger operation gives you a better opportunity to expand your business and reach a diversified group of customers.